Basic Garden Evaluation

Sketch with
Plant Suggestions

Scaled Drawing with
Plant Selection

Garden Installation
Garden Evaluation: Flat Fee -
             Visit your garden for about an hour. We can advise you on any or all of the
             following in that time:

If you need more help….

Garden Design - Sketch with Plant Suggestions:
              We will discuss your personal preferences, lifestyle, needs and extent of
                       work desired.
              We will take pictures and take site measurements.
              We can then give you a plot plan with approximate dimensions and plant

Garden Design - Scaled Drawing, Plant Selection and Placement:
              If you need a bit more to get started yourself, we can give you a drawing to
                         scale with plant selection and placement.

Garden Installation: Finally, we can install your dream garden:
            We will review the design with you before installing your garden.
                          After planting we use a slow-release fertilizer.
            We top off your new planting with a mulch to reduce weed growth, retain soil
                         moisture, and to provide plant backdrop.
            We will recommend hardscape features and garden decorations that would
                        complement your new garden.
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