15 weeks - 15 GREAT Veggies*
*May include jam, fresh flowers, bath salts, berries, herbs, etc.
$500 Full Share - All Sales are final and paid in advance. 1 Box each week
$295 Half Share - All Sales are final and paid in advance. � Box each week!

WHAT is a CSA?
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
It has become a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. Here are the basics: a farmer offers a certain number of "shares" to the public. Typically the share consists of a box of vegetables, but other farm products may be included. Interested consumers purchase a share (aka a "membership" or a "subscription") and in return receive a box (bag, basket) of seasonal produce each week throughout the farming season.
This arrangement creates several rewards for both the farmer and the consumer. In brief:
Advantages for farmers:
" Get to spend time marketing the food early in the year, before their 16 hour days in the field begin
" Receive payment early in the season, which helps with the farm's cash flow
" Have an opportunity to get to know the people who eat the food they grow

Advantages for consumers:
" Eat ultra-fresh food, with all the flavor and vitamin benefits
" Get exposed to new vegetables and new ways of cooking
" Usually get to visit the farm at least once a season
" Find that kids typically favor food from "their" farm �" even veggies they've never been known to eat
" Develop a relationship with the farmer who grows their food and learn more about how food is grown

Once you purchase a share of our Market Farm through our CSA, you are subscribing to weekly pickups of our special produce, which includes many heirloom vegetables and ethnic choices to tantalize your taste buds. CSA Boxes will be available for pickup on Thursday nights (5-7 pm) or Saturday mornings (9-11 am) at our Willow River Tree Farm location from mid-June - October.
In your CSA Box week to week you could find: cabbage, eggplant, peas, lettuces, kale, peppers (sweet and hot), cucumbers, melons, zucchini, potatoes, squash (summer and winter), tomatoes, radishes, beets, beans, and broccoli. Your CSA box may also include our homemade jam, fresh flowers, bath salts, berries, or herbs.
We will TRY to keep you updated each week with what to expect the next week and give you recipes to try!
My Sister's Garden Market Farm is not certified organic. We practice sustainable gardening techniques and do not use Neonics (which are a pesticide which may be harmful to our pollinators). We are environmental conscience growers and provide you with healthy nutritious vegetables each week directly from our gardens.

Our CSA has limited openings, so please respond and arrange payment to ensure your participation. You will need to choose a pickup time so that we can harvest appropriately and ensure your box is ready when you visit us. We do not have storage facilities to keep your harvest share fresh. Please be sure to pick up your box each week or arrange for someone to pick it up for you.
                                                                                                    Starla & Alecia
My Sister's Garden
Market Farm Gourmet CSA